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We automate your workflow

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Do you still use handwritten batch documents in your production?

We help you digitising the workflow in your production!

We are your reliable solution provider for all challenges in automation, data acquisition, user frontend design, data interfaces to third-party systems and visualizations in industrial manufacturing. With our broad experience, we can combine current and upcoming technologies optimally tailored for your challenges.
Our automation solutions support you in transforming your manufacturing into a true smart factory.

One Framework for your Requirements



Based on a technical analysis of the existing processes together with the user groups, we create a concept for digitalisation and data collection at the production lines. For this purpose, we combine all available interfaces as well as touchscreen panels for optimised automation of the work processes. When implementing the user front-ends, we focus on context-sensitive and intuitive user guidance to achieve a maximum degree of automation.

  • Workflow-adapted user guidance

  • Context-sensitive visualisation of the operating options

  • Minimisation/elimination of teach-in phases

  • Integration of existing industrial interfaces such as OPC, Modbus, COM and many more

  • Automatic triggering on the status of orders via scanners, RFID codes, smart tags and much more

  • Logging of all work steps on the terminals



For order tracking in your company, we offer extremely durable active smart tags for the identification of containers, components or product carriers. These tags combine highly accurate indoor positioning with RFID functionality, sensors for environmental parameters and narrowband radio data transmission. Our smart tags thus cover all requirements of indoor positioning, monitoring of quality-relevant sensor data such as impact, acceleration, temperature or humidity and the presentation of relevant order parameters on an energy-saving eInk display in a single integrated solution.

  • Affordable and energy-efficient solution

  • Autonomous LoRaWAN data radio and UWB

  • Onboard RFID transponder for registration at reader stations and for identification purposes

  • Onboard sensors for temperature, humidity, acceleration and shock; optionally upgradable

  • Network gateways with optional data storage

  • No modification of the existing IT infrastructure

  • No cloud mechanism for capturing your process data

  • No provider networks required (4G/5G)



A comprehensive reporting of all orders in the production with status, cycle times, current position, quality-influencing events in the order processing as well as assigned planning data makes our workflow solutions a flexible data platform - even for the adjacent departments. Analysis options for machine utilisation, production times and downtimes show direct degrees of freedom for increasing efficiency. Or improve your CRM, for example by informing your customers about status changes in their batch production. Whether web-based dashboards for mobile devices, overhead displays for various parameters or regular PDF reports via email - our solutions offer a comprehensive repertoire of interfaces for all requirements.

  • Display of the sensor data for the smart tags including extremums

  • Logging and display of the order status in the workflow

  • Reporting on machine utilisation, job movement profiles, downtimes and much more

  • Transmission of specific data aggregations to external systems

You find more information about our remote assistance solution here.



An important part for high productivity is the minimisation of machine downtimes. Depending on the industry, the direct and indirect costs caused primarily by unscheduled malfunctions can quickly reach high expenses. Here, a fast and precise fault analysis is most important, but the necessary expert knowledge is rarely available directly on site - especially with more complex systems. With DARVIN LiveCore, we offer a highly flexible and, above all, secure remote assistance solution for video-based teamwork in real time between technicians at the site and remote experts.

  • Live first-person view with video and audio

  • Integration of special cameras (endoscopes, thermal image head)

  • Highly secure exchange of documents and data

  • Optional AR headset for overlaying data

  • Safe working due to maximum freedom of movement and hands-free operation

Your Added Value with our Solutions


Workflow-optimised user experience

The almost most important aspect in industrial applications is user acceptance and optimised user interaction of the systems in the workflow. This allows users to concentrate on their tasks and provides them with the best possible support in their workflow - entirely in the spirit of human-centred design with intuitive and context-sensitive user guidance.

Customer-oriented implementation

Each of our implementations is unique and perfectly matched to the actual requirements in your production. The future automation potential is already taken into account in the initial implementation phase. The combination of different proven technologies guarantees a maximum increase in productivity.


Flexible system


We understand your structural framework conditions. Therefore, we adapt our solutions to your framework conditions. We offer you a complete package ranging from individual modules and components for existing systems to autonomous turnkey solutions - both in software and hardware. And best of all: our modular concept can grow with your future requirements.
Empty Factory
We are your reliable solution provider for all challenges in automation, production data acquisition, data interfaces to third-party systems and visualisations in industrial manufacturing.
We are convinced that the user should be at the centre of all work processes and therefore all system design considerations must always include usability. With the UX design agency youspi, we have a reliable and leading partner at our side for all questions regarding human-machine interaction and the structured visualisation of complex content. For those who would like to delve deeper into the topics of usability and user experience, we also recommend the annual World Usability Congress - the world’s most important conference for customer experience. Read more at
With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, we know what customers particularly value. This gives you the guarantee that our applications are not just programmes for your current requirements, but future-oriented comprehensive solutions. Because your customer satisfaction is our prime directive.
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