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Are your employees qualified experts in numerous fields?

If you can answer "yes" to even one question, you should dive into the world of DARVIN and learn more about our remote assistance solutions for the industry.


DARVIN live!
Remote assistance was never that easy!


Bring the problem to the expert and not the other way around!

With DARVIN live! you always have your most qualified employees in the right place at the right time - worldwide!


Share your experience - connect the competences of your employees

Bundle the comprehensive knowledge of all your employees and make it available in every challenge in the field - because teamwork is a key for success.

Teamwork without limits - no matter if it is 4G, 5G, WIFI or SAT

Start a mobile live video communication anywhere in the world to transmit urgent and important information encrypted and in realtime.

Transform your employees into super-engineers!

High Modularity, versatile Functionality



Mobile communication hub with ports for video sources, sensors and measurement devices. The integrated encryption ensures highest data secuity.

DARVIN VideoHeadset

The light-weight video headset incorporates a high wearing comfort and enables a true first-person-view for the remote expert. The technician is able to operate hands-free and the view area is not restricted.


DARVIN SmartScreen

Wireless display for a smooth and convenient presentation of diagrams, data and screen shares right in front of the technician. The integrated camera supports macro recordings and detailed images.

DARVIN HeadupDisplay

The see-through-display enables visual feedback of data and diagrams during the session without diverting attention from the main tasks.


DARVIN SmartControl

This smart watch provides a comfortable remote control for the LiveCore functions serves as a display for status and messages.

DARVIN ServiceDesk

The Windows software provides a powerful toolkit to exchange videos, data and images for an optimized and efficient teamwork in realtime - also over big distances and distributed teams.


Remote Assistance for the Industry 4.0




No matter if your technicians face a machine breakdown or an expert is required for an issue - with D.A.R.V.I.N live! you minimize the downtime due to the instant beginning of the failure analysis. Additional travel costs are eliminated and without any costly delays the team is capable to make the right decisions to solve the problem.




From a construction project up to the installation of a production plant the responsible staff is able to monitor the progress interactively. Remote teams discuss solution approaches for any challenges cooperatively with their project partners on-site and get a comprehensive overview of a given situation.




The instant consultation of a remote expert to visually support the technician on-site for maintenance and service tasks helps finding the proper decisions to minimize the service efforts and to eliminate potential breakdowns by proactive action.


Quality Management


In case of rectification of defects, quality topics or configuration of processes the production manager works together with the remotely connected plant experts directly at the site and in realtime to discuss and solve any quality related challenges - parameter settings or modifications in the process are handled very efficiently in interdisciplinary teams.

True Added Value with convincing Benefits

Comprehensive remote access
  • ​Live video based on our LiveLink technology
  • Autarkic interfaces for direct remote requests
  • Remote single-step-mode capabilities for industrial controls
Customer satisfaction
  • Quickest response in case of incidents and technical challenges
  • Efficient problem solving by targeted problem analysis
Employee satisfaction
  • Minimization of required travel efforts
  • Strengthening of the employees capabilities through interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Increase of employee productivity
Safety first!
  • No restrictions in the field of view or freedom of movement

  • Hands-free operation for more safety on-site

  • The attention focus stays on the tasks and not on the device handling

  • All information remains in the closed user group

Cost reduction for all team partners
  • Reduction of all direct failure costs at the machine

  • Reduction of all indirect costs caused by the loss of production

  • Elimination of travel expenses

  • Use your own existing equipment and transmit your optical borescope images in realtime for instance.

  • We have suitable adapters for you.


D.A.R.V.I.N live! is a multi-functional device for versatile applications

core 2_edited.png

All-rounder at numerous levels

Teamwork with versatile functions
  • Videobased realtime communication

  • Simple and easy desktop sharing

  • Secured exchange of documents, images and diagrams from any data sources

  • True first-person-view with hands-free operation

  • Unlimited distribution of live feeds within authorized teams

Communication without boundaries
  • From low bandwidth up to broadband networks (starting from 64kbps) - from low to high latency

  • 4G/5G, WIFI, SAT and RF/COFDM

  • bandwidth control and control of video quality

Triple security to protect your corporate knowhow
  • No risk for malware and viruses due to our blackbox concept

  • Two-way authentification by eTAN and only to verified contacts

  • Strong encryption without any cloud mechanism

Optimized for the daily work
  • Small form-factor for high wearing comfort and unrestricted freedom of movement

  • Intuitive operation without the need for extensive training

  • Simplified data transmission without configuration efforts for your IT

  • Long battery runtime for a high endurance in action

  • Sophisticated design for the harsh use in the industrial environment

Variety of connections
  • Optical and thermal cameras, video endoscopes, highspeed cameras
  • measurement devices and sensors
  • GPS for live tracking and an optional highly accurate indoor positioning
  • highly secure connectivity between machineries and developers (direct remote access)

Effective Teamwork with DARVIN serviceDesk

Remote monitor
  • Forward desktop contents

  • Head-Up display for presentation of data in the field of view

Chat function
  • Transmission of text messages and symbolic information

Live video
  • Video headset

  • endoscopes

  • Thermal cameras

Remote connection
  • Storage of your teamwork sessions

  • Documentation of missions

Integration of external video sources
  • Stationary and IP-based cameras

  • Forward external video content

Live audio
  • Voice communication

  • Integration of wired and wireless audio headsets

Sensory interface
  • Transmission of measurement results

  • Attachment of sensory equipment

  • Remote control for external devices

Scribble functions
  • Make screenshots from video contents

  • Mark and share image contents

  • Save video screenshots for documentation

Localization and Tracking
  • High-Precision GPS outdoor localization

  • Optional 10cm UWB-based indoor localization


We are your specialist for video-based mobile collaboration in the field of industry whenever there is a requirement to securely merge and distribute knowledge, expertise and information within remote teams.

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