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We support your independence

Learn how to implement your very unique business continuity management

Alongside cyberattacks, blackouts and interruptions in communications are among the biggest risk factors in the corporate environment. Recent incidents have shown that it is only a matter of time before a serious major incident occurs. This real threat is now confirmed by all leading experts.

Your business can be secured thanks to a resilient, sustainable and profitable independent infrastructure for energy, heating, cooling and communications. Employees are safer, more productive and always accessible.




In the field of telephony and supra-regional data communication, satellite-based communication systems are the most suitable option - long-range radio data transmission solutions create a provider-independent network environment at the local level.

Satellite dishes communication technology network with sun and white cloud in background.j



In the field of energy supply, the range extends from PV-supported UPS systems and various generator solutions to completely self-sufficient battery buffers.

Off-grid energy systems and energy storage always remain under your control thanks to technology tailored to your corporate and business needs.

Your corporate business is secured due to a resilient, feasible and profitable independent infrastructure for energy, heat, cooling and communication. Workers are safer, more productive and always reachable.

Disaster events, power outages and communication failures will not affect your security and business continuity!

Power pylons reache into the sunset sky. Silhouettes of big trees under energy transmissio
We provide a first-class 360-degree service for your resilient and stable energy and communications infrastructure - from audit and construction to operation and maintenance!

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