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EITAN8 Protective Vest

EITAN8 Protective Vest

SKU: 23060401001
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The Lior Eitan Commando vest series was developed with the multi mission soldier in mind. The vests are versatile, simple to use and rugged.

Eitan in Hebrew means powerful and determined, eternal and constant and able to withstand persevere like the soldier who wears it.


The EITAN 8 is among the highest quality made commando vests in the world today and reflects those qualities. It incorporates numerous advantages demanded by professionals for today’s tactical vests. These includes rugged build with a high level of comfort, a snug fit that increases agility and maneuverability and fast and easy put on and take off.


The EITAN 8 is an ideal solution when more protective surface is required, space for tactical pouches or the benefit of a weight distribution. The EITAN 8 has eight horizontal Molle straps to hold plenty of tactical gear and per request comes with the Lior battle belt weight redistribution system option that transfers the weight from the protective plates and tactical equipment laden pouches from the shoulders to the waste increasing comfort and enhancing agility.


The EITAN 8 has the advantages of accepting various size and shape plates including standard 25*30cm and 29*34cm of multiple protective levels and weights. Advanced benefits including great fit, perspiration control, comfort and communication channels.


Ballistic Resistance Level According to NIJ Level IIIA NIJ level III or IV

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