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SHOMER Protective Vest

SHOMER Protective Vest

SKU: 23060401003
€ 240,00Price

The Shomer Security Vest is a light, comfortable vest with molle for multiple diverse mission requirements.

The Shomer was developed for guards and security personnel in civilian areas that need to wear a comfortable vest versatile enough to carry numerous tools and professional equipment according to the guard or supervisors’ mission and assignment. Lior’s specially designed “Camcorder” pouch enables filming of encounters and direct feed to home base as scenarios unfold. The Shomer gives the security professional the right appearance to indicate authority and the right kit of tool pouches to achieve his mission. The Security professional can quickly upgrade his status from tactical to tactical and protected by donning the Lior Raz undercover vest which matches and fits snugly under the the Tactical Guard vest.

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